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Cute Animals Taking a Bath, Because Internet Reasons

Lets face it we all take baths and sometimes animals need to take them too. So why not take a few photos of them right? We hope you enjoy these cute animals taking a bath.

Panda Daycare is Real and Here are the Photos

The Chengdu Research Base in China seems like it just might be one of the cutest places on earth – and it’s vitally important for the survival of the endangered giant pandas that we all love so mu...

This Kitten Was Close to Death, But Then She Met A Husky Named Lilo

Rosie the kitten, found and rescued on the brink of death, was nursed back to health by Lilo the husky, who took her on like a puppy of her own. The then-three-week-old feline and her surrogate mothe...

This Little Bulldog Only Has Half His Body, But He’s Twice As Adorable

You have to love the people that take in disabled dogs and nurture them with love and affection…and of course lots of doggie treats. This is Bonsai the bulldog and he was born with several debi...

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Bubu The Chinchilla is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

Bubu the Chinchilla is the cutest little thing ever! It’s pretty much the pet we all wish we had.

Reverse Dog Shaming is Now a Thing

Adorable Cats Imitating Pinup Girls

A Baby Elephant Met A Cat For The First Time And It Was Adorable

Navann the baby elephant was just walking along with his mother and then met a cat. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all day enjoy!

Wash Away The Monday Blue With These Funny Animals