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Cool Off This Summer with Some Delicious Banana Pops

When you think of bananas and Nutella what comes into your mind? What if you also have a packet of m&ms? You need to come up with better ways of treating yourself and friends to desserts. The st...

Cute DIY Coke Can Containers

It’s summer and we’re all going to have people over and guess what they will probably end up drinking some soda. Instead of recycling all of the cans you can actually make some really neat...

Little Girl Wears Glasses for the First Time and Sees Everything Clearly

Thanks to her brand-new glasses, baby Piper can see clearly for the first time, and the joy is infectious! You have to love that adorable smile! We’re glad that she is finally able to the world ...

24 Cell Phone Backgrounds That Are Perfect For Summer

This gif and the backgrounds are pretty much how I feel about summer.

A Few Cute and Fun Things to Kick Off Sunday

7 All Natural Beauty Recipes

DIY project can be pretty fun, but there’s nothing like combining the fun of DIY and beauty products that you’ll love. The best part is that they use all natural ingredients. Check this ou...

This Little Bulldog Only Has Half His Body, But He’s Twice As Adorable

You have to love the people that take in disabled dogs and nurture them with love and affection…and of course lots of doggie treats. This is Bonsai the bulldog and he was born with several debi...

Baby mistakes magazine for iPad

Those of us born between 1980 and 2000 are known as millennial. We grow up with the advent of the internet, social media, and more. The next generation, colloquially known as Generation Z, were born w...

Frozen Characters in Real-Life Portaits

Have you ever imagined what the sisters from Frozen would look like if they were real people? Australian-artist Jirka Väätäinen has created digital portraits of Anna and Elsa, and they’re go...

Big Cats like Boxes Too

Have you noticed how you cat has such a weird obsession with random household items, like boxes? Well, big cats like boxes too! Watch this awesome video featuring tigers, mountain lions, and more acti...

Summer Needs To Come Back!

Summer sounds so nice, I just want to go for a swim.

I want to Travel and Eat Around the World

@girleatworld is traveling around the world and finding yummy food along the way.

Life is Too Awesome to Pass up

A Super Cute Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

Being pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing and we absolutely love this video!

We Could All Use a Little Motivation