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This Little Bulldog Only Has Half His Body, But He’s Twice As Adorable

You have to love the people that take in disabled dogs and nurture them with love and affection…and of course lots of doggie treats. This is Bonsai the bulldog and he was born with several debi...

Corgi Hangs Out with all the Disney Characters

This little corgi wandered all around Disneyland and snapped a photo with as many characters as its little legs could find… [via callofthenerd]

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Extremely Cute and Happy Corgis

22 of the World’s Happiest Dogs

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Ray Charles The Adorable Blind Dog

– Ray Charles was born blind on Dec. 8, 2012. – He was one of five puppies that survived in the litter. – After his birth, the breeder noticed he wasn’t running around and playing ...

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