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Kitten Afraid of His Own Reflection

Cute Lil Kittens!

Fat Cat in a Box


Cats In The Weirdest Places

Cats do some of the weirdest things sometimes and it’s pretty entertaining. If you have photos of your cat email us at [email protected] so they can be featured in one of our posts!

Cat in Boots and the Rest of the Cute Kittens

Super Kittens!

Rufus Tower

I love when pet owners are super into being kind to their animals!

The Cats with Thumbs Are Back!

Remember the hilarious Cravendale milk ad featuring the cats with thumbs? Well, they’re back!

Kittens for Sunday

Narcoleptic Kitty…?

This must be one sleepy kitty!

Yay Kittens!

Adorable Baby Kittens

These kittens were found out in someone’s scrap heap. They’re just too cute!

Cats! In Glasses!

Cats in Costumes