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Rufus Tower

I love when pet owners are super into being kind to their animals!

The Cats with Thumbs Are Back!

Remember the hilarious Cravendale milk ad featuring the cats with thumbs? Well, they’re back!

Kittens for Sunday

Narcoleptic Kitty…?

This must be one sleepy kitty!

Yay Kittens!

Adorable Baby Kittens

These kittens were found out in someone’s scrap heap. They’re just too cute!

Cats! In Glasses!

Cats in Costumes


Smiling Cats

Super Cute Kittens!

Lil Bub Sounds

If you don’t know who Lil Bub is watch the video below! So dang cute.

Crazy Maru

This new Maru video is titled “Cool Maru” but I think it should be called “Crazy Maru”! He’s just too dang cute!

The Kitty Knight Rises and Kitty of Steel

Super cats!

Cats Are Weird

But we love them anyway!!