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Video of a Dad Surfing With His Son is Adorable

Cody Iddings is a San Diego-based UX designer, surfer, and — most importantly — dad. This past Father’s Day he posted what might be the GoPro video of the year featuring a surf session with h...

Kid Puts on a Free Piano Concert For His Neighborhood

On July 12, Dylan Spoering put a sign on his front lawn advertising a free concert. Neighbor and fellow musician, Thomas Rehbein, noticed Dylan’s sign and posted it to Facebook saying: “I have no ...

This Puppy Wants to be Best Friends With the Baby

Hi? Baby? Hi. Hi want to be friends. Hi. Hi want to be friends. Hi want to be friends. Hey. Hello. Hi. Hey. Hello! Hello! Hi. Yo. Bonjour? Baby puppy wants to love you.

These Kids Are Too Cute to Handle

Awesome Dad Sings “Let it Go” With His Daughter

When you’ve heard Frozen’s “Let it Go” about a million times I’m sure you would do something ridiculous to get the kid to stop singing the song. But not this Dad! He si...

Little Girl Writes Google a Letter to Get Her Dad a Day Off

A little girl wrote a note for her dad by hand and asked that she give it to her boss at work. And to make things even cuter she addressed it to “Google worker” and even wrote it all in cr...

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