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20 Cute And Beautiful Babies With Blue Eyes

Who never love babies? Yeah, everyone loves babies, especially because they’re so cute. But what would you do if you see babies with blue eyes? If I were the one, I would’ve chocked the baby by sh...

Dad Takes His Son To See ‘The Minions’ in Full Costume

A photograph apparently taken in New York this weekend shows a dedicated father dressed in a “Minions” costume along with his son. The duo sport matching yellow shirts, overalls, and thick costume...

Little Girl Wears Glasses for the First Time and Sees Everything Clearly

Thanks to her brand-new glasses, baby Piper can see clearly for the first time, and the joy is infectious! You have to love that adorable smile! We’re glad that she is finally able to the world ...

A Super Cute Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

Being pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing and we absolutely love this video!

Labor Day Weekend Means the Beginning of Fall

Lion King Cast Sings ‘Circle of Life’ on a Plane

And it’s amazing!! Lion King fo evaaa

Vintage Disneyland Photos

Annie Leibovitz Disney Portraits

The Disney Dream Series portraits by Annie Leibovitz showcase celebrities as Disney characters in one of the more stunning photo series we’ve seen in a while!

True Love Lasts Forever

Things I wish My Boyfriend Would Wear

12 year old Taylor Smith Passed Away and Her Parents Discovered a Heartwarming Letter

Earlier this month January 5th, 12 year old Taylor Smith passed away due to complications with pneumonia. As any other family would be Taylor’s was devastated with her passing. She was a young g...

We Love Weddings

Madame de Florian’s Apartment was Abandoned for 68 years and it’s Almost in Perfect Condition

This abandoned apartment was home to Madame de Florian a French socialite and actress. She lived in the apartment up until she fled to the south of France because of World War II. The apartment is loc...

Couple married 61 years has an ‘Up’ inspired photo shoot

This couple only has one photo from their wedding day 61 years ago. Their photographer stood them up! Their granddaughter, Lauren Wells, decided to put together a beautiful string of “Up”...

Kelly Clarkson and Her Perfect Wedding

Darn you Kelly Clarkson and your perfect wedding! A little jealous, not gonna lie… Brandon and Kelly Blackstock from Weiss Eubanks Films on Vimeo.