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Baby Monkey Befriends A Black Goat In East China (Video)

Baby Monkey Befriends A Black Goat In East China (Video) Monkey and goat, what a rare combination! Well, this actually happened in east China where a baby monkey befriended a black goat among hundreds...

Bunnies Love Snoozin

Super Puppy Fail

Snoopy the super puppy fails hard trying to fly onto the couch. Ouch dog–that smarts!

French Bulldog Teaches His Puppies to Play

Frenchies are the best!

Neo the Baby Dik Dik


Baby Ducks on a Water Slide

So dang cute!!

Fireman Rescues Kitty

Cutest lil kitty is pulled from a burning building by a hunky fireman. So many feels!

Aminals are Adorable

Adorably Stupid Dogs

It’s ok dogs, it only makes you cuter

Bambi, the World’s Cutest Doxie

Wieners for life!   Via Buzzfeed.

Baby Bunnies Rescued

4 adorable bunnies were rescued and hand fed by the coolest guy ever until they were big enough to release back to the wild! Ahh so so so cute  

Baby Burrowing Owls

Baby Otter Eats an Invisible Snack

Monkey in Bathtub!

Fallin’ Pandas!