Barber Shop Owner Designs The Floor Of His Shop With 70,000 Pennies

Rich Holtham had received £1000 dollars estimate to renovate his new shop floor but instead he thought of something much more creative.

He exchanged 700 pounds into 70000 pennies and placed it one after the another tightly to create an entire flooring filled with coins. This has garnered huge interest towards it’s shop and has escalated their profit margin in return.

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  • Big Ern Mccracken

    so he paid $700 for his floor plus the time it took to put it in, in a building he probably doesn’t own

    • Zaire67

      Creative people don’t look at things the same way as the general populations. That’s what makes them so good at their craft. But the article clearly stated the floor was a great draw for business. So because of that and this article, I’d say he made a very good design and business decision.

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