Cute DIY Coke Can Containers

It’s summer and we’re all going to have people over and guess what they will probably end up drinking some soda. Instead of recycling all of the cans you can actually make some really neat coke can containers for random things around the house.

Some people were raised in an environment where wasting was an atrocity. If you are one of these people, it’s tough to throw away your old cans. Even if your upbringing wasn’t like that, everyone has the natural human urge to squeeze each and every drop of use out of her things.

Recycling is good, but it isn’t really making a difference. What if I told you that you could cut the top off your cans and put them to use? Well check out the video below!

Diet-Coke-Can-000-07142015 Diet-Coke-Can-001-07142015 Diet-Coke-Can-002-07142015 Diet-Coke-Can-003-07142015 Diet-Coke-Can-004-07142015

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