Cool Off This Summer with Some Delicious Banana Pops

When you think of bananas and Nutella what comes into your mind? What if you also have a packet of m&ms? You need to come up with better ways of treating yourself and friends to desserts. The store-bought ones usually have too much sugar and plenty of additives which isn’t always the best. Before you purchase them, you should consider using what you have at hand to make Nutella Dipped Frozen Banana Pops. It is quite simply, actually!


How to make Nutella Dipped Frozen Banana Pops

In order to make Nutella Dipped banana pops, you need to have a jar of Nutella, a packet ofm&ms and a bunch of bananas. You should also have a knife, a bowl, a tray, ice cream sticks, and a spoon or any other scooping piece of equipment you use in the kitchen.

The first order of business is to scoop some quite a bit of Nutella into a bowl. That is what you will be using to cover the bananas.


You should then wash the bunch of bananas and peel them all. Use your knife to cut off the bottom ends of the bananas. You can use them in a fruit salad. Insert an ice cream stick into each banana that you just cut and lay them aside. Use your scooping equipment to pour some Nutella onto each banana. Make use of your knife to even things out. Do this for all your bananas.


Open your packet of m&ms and apply them onto the Nutella-covered surface of your bananas as evenly as possible. There is no shame in going overboard on this one. Your family will not mind.


Lay your banana pops onto a tray and freeze them for a few hours until the Nutella is quite firm. You can then remove them and serve them cold.

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Frozen banana pops that have been dipped in Nutella are a much healthier version of dessert suitable for hot summer days. Your children can enjoy them while getting in some of the nutrients that they need. To make matters even better, they are quite easy to make!


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