This Little Bulldog Only Has Half His Body, But He’s Twice As Adorable

You have to love the people that take in disabled dogs and nurture them with love and affection…and of course lots of doggie treats.

This is Bonsai the bulldog and he was born with several debilitating congenital defects, including a deformed spine and underdeveloped hind legs.

His owners feared Bonsai would never lead a happy life.

So, they contacted Friends of Emma, a rescue organization for disabled dogs based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Through the organization, Bonsai was able to receive the medical attention he needed, and in June, both of his hind legs were successfully amputated.

Fortunately, lil’ Bonsai is healing wonderfully. He still has a long way to go, but with this much love on his side, I know he’ll pull through.

Bonsai’s handlers set up a Facebook page for the pup…


Bonsai was certainly dealt a very difficult hand.


He’s as happy as any puppy could wish to be, and he even has friends just like him.


…and a YouCaring fundraising account to raise money for his future medical expenses.

bonsai-bulldog-003-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-004-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-005-07112015

They believe he was born with spina bifida, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, caudal regression syndrome and Swimmer Puppy syndrome.


His story has only just begun, thanks to everyone that helped him out.

bonsai-bulldog-007-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-008-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-009-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-010-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-011-07112015 bonsai-bulldog-012-07112015

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    • phill

      Fuck you Michelle. This is much more important than your skam.

  • Phill

    All the best for this little buddy and all those amazing and wonderfull people involved.
    People like this deserves to have more coverage of any kind instead of all those stupid famous people out there.

  • Mikala

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