Disney’s Halloween Time is Our Favorite at Disneyland

Disney’s Halloween time is one of our favorite seasons at Disneyland. Fall in general is awesome, the temperature starts to cool down and you get to enjoy your favorite fall foods, but Disneyland just brings the magic. They start to give you hints of Christmas with the Nightmare Before Xmas setup in the Haunted Mansion and the fall decorations are just amazing. Here are a few photos, you should go check out Disney’s Halloween Time if you get a chance.

disneys-halloween-time-001-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-002-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-003-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-004-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-005-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-006-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-007-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-008-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-009-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-010-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-011-10052014 disneys-halloween-time-012-10052014

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