“The Lion King” Features A Lot of Incest…Wait What!?

So we all know Simba and Nala from Disney’s Lion King are a power couple.



They even go on to have a family together in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.



It is well known that Simba’s dad is Mufasa.



But the identity of Nala’s father remains unknown.



Who could it be?



Many signs point to Scar.



Nala and Scar are the only two lions in the pride with colored eyes.



And getting technical, according to a University of Minnesota study, female lions prefer a darker mane and, are more likely to mate with male lions who posses one.



Pride behavior dictates that the most dominant male mates with all the females. A darker mane indicates good, health, maturity, and greater dominance in a male lion.


Lion expert Peyton West says, “Males want to win fights without actually fighting so they assess each other on the basis of the other lion’s mane… Females may simply use an easily assessed indicator of male quality which is really there for a different purpose.”


In short, Scar had the darkest mane of all, so it’s safe to assume he was popular with the lionesses.



Need more proof?



When asked at a 2004 panel who Nala’s father was, directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff responded:


“Finally, after talking a little bit about how lions operate in real-life prides, Minkoff said, sort of muttering into his sleeve, that the general assumption was that Nala’s father was ‘either Scar or… Mufasa’.”


Wait, Scar or Mufasa?



Yup, both can be considered dominant males, so it’s very likely either of them mated with most of the females in the pride, making some or all the cubs either of their children.



So whether they are cousins or siblings, chances are Nala and Simba are related.



Keeping it all in the family.


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