Anna Kendrick Has The Best Tweets Ever

Anna Kendrick is already pretty damn awesome and then her tweets came along. Everyone needs to follow her on twitter.

Anna-Kendrick-001-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-002-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-003-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-004-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-005-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-006-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-007-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-008-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-009-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-010-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-011-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-012-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-013-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-014-07192014 Anna-Kendrick-015-07192014

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