Video of a Dad Surfing With His Son is Adorable

Cody Iddings is a San Diego-based UX designer, surfer, and — most importantly — dad. This past Father’s Day he posted what might be the GoPro video of the year featuring a surf session with his 2½ year old son Cassius, a future Bro king of the Pacific. Iddings wrote about the experience on his blog:

“I can’t remember when I began to surf. My mom would tell my twin and I stories of catching waves in the Caribbean weeks before our birth. Growing up on Kauai, my fondest memories were of evenings spent surfing ’til dark with my dad. Even today, when I get to return home these are my favorite surf sessions. Once I had my baby boy, all I could dream of was having the same special moments with him.

Cassius is now two-years old, and when I take him out surfing we froth on getting good waves together. He tells me he wants the “big waves.” He throws shakas out to everyone in the water. We both wear huge smiles like a full on double rainbow.

Cassius is adventurous and fearless, eager to learn, and full of potential. It won’t be long until we are getting absolutely pitted out of our minds together. Here’s hoping he is regular foot.”


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