Madame de Florian’s Apartment was Abandoned for 68 years and it’s Almost in Perfect Condition

This abandoned apartment was home to Madame de Florian a French socialite and actress. She lived in the apartment up until she fled to the south of France because of World War II. The apartment is located in Paris on the Right Bank near Opéra Garnier. The apartment has remained untouched since 1942 until an auctioneer entered the apartment and was pretty much taken back into history.

Madame de Florian kept paying the rent on the apartment just in case she ever wanted to return to her old home. Since she kept paying rent the apartment remained untouched until 2010 when Madame de Florian passed away at the age of 91. Even though she continued to pay rent she never returned to the apartment in Paris.

The apartment was covered in dust, perfectly preserved.

All of the furniture from the time period remained just how she left it. It looks as if she was just there yesterday.

The home is not open to the public and is still owned by her estate.

Inside, a painting by Giovanni Boldini was found, a portrait of the apartment’s owner herself Madame de Florian.

The painting was sold for 2.1 million euros and the rest of the items inside of the apartment would be worth thousands as well.

Although it seems strange, having taxidermy pieces in one’s home was once a sign of affluence.

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  • Caroline

    The owner of the apartment was the granddaughter of the woman in the portrait! And the name of the painted woman was Marthe de Florian!

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