Boo the Pomeranian

I’m sure all of you know who Boo is! Enjoy the photos

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  • the pomeranian is cute

  • Gillian Inman

    Pomeranians should not have there hair cut. They have no trouble in summer because there fur traps cool air in the summer and in winter the fur protects it from cold and traps in warm air

  • Alana Nani

    Is this dog for sale? if how much?


      no, this dog is not for sale becuz it already has his own owner. which will not give boo away becuz he is FAMOUS!

  • claudia perez

    that is this type of Pomeranian?

  • claudia perez

    what kind of pomeranian is this


    lol this is Boo! He already has a owner. GOSH…

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