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Cats Pretty Much Rule the Internet

20 Recipes For the Perfect Lunch at Work

Turkey Caprese Sandwich RECIPE   Turkey Wrap RECIPE   Salmon Salad RECIPE   Salami and Roasted Red Pepper Wrap RECIPE   Black Bean Quinoa Salad RECIPE   Quinoa Wrap with ...

Anna Kendrick Has The Best Tweets Ever

Anna Kendrick is already pretty damn awesome and then her tweets came along. Everyone needs to follow her on twitter.

Gorgeous Table Decorations For Weddings

Are You Ready For Some Puppies?

I Got 99 Problems But a Cat Ain’t One

Things That Make Us LOL

Video of a Dad Surfing With His Son is Adorable

Cody Iddings is a San Diego-based UX designer, surfer, and — most importantly — dad. This past Father’s Day he posted what might be the GoPro video of the year featuring a surf session with h...

20 Cocktail Recipes and DIY Party Favors To Help With Summer

Fruit Infused Liquors   Personalized Cocktail Napkins   Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Tray   Homemade Cocktail Cherries   Big Ginger Float Cocktail Recipe   Slender Rosemary Grapefr...

20 Big Dogs That Think They’re Lap Dogs

Kid Puts on a Free Piano Concert For His Neighborhood

On July 12, Dylan Spoering put a sign on his front lawn advertising a free concert. Neighbor and fellow musician, Thomas Rehbein, noticed Dylan’s sign and posted it to Facebook saying: “I have no ...

Duke’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful And Utterly Heartbreaking

We’ll be honest this will get you right in the feels so have a tissue or two in hand. Duke looks like he had a great life and an amazing family and these photos are just heartwarming and heartbr...

Kids Can Make Shopping Almost Impossible

7 Kittens Discovering How Amazing Shiny Things Are

If these Kittens aren’t the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen you might not have a heart, ok we’re kidding but this is kind of amazing.

Some DIY Backyard Games for the Summer

Yard Twister SOURCE   Backyard Bowling SOURCE   Get The Balloon In The Basket NOODLE Game SOURCE   DIY Dunk Bucket SOURCE   Tin Can Toss SOURCE   Ice Block Treasure Hunt...