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Summer Needs To Come Back!

Summer sounds so nice, I just want to go for a swim.

I want to Travel and Eat Around the World

@girleatworld is traveling around the world and finding yummy food along the way.

Life is Too Awesome to Pass up

A Super Cute Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

Being pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing and we absolutely love this video!

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Kids And Pretty Much Sleep Anywhere

20 Animals That Already Gave up Their New Years Resolutions

Corgi Hangs Out with all the Disney Characters

This little corgi wandered all around Disneyland and snapped a photo with as many characters as its little legs could find… [via callofthenerd]

Kids and their Adorable Outfits

Adorable French Bulldog Puppy Performs Tricks

Brody Brixton, a classy named 3 month old French Bulldog puppy has an array of impressive talents that puts most toddlers to shame. This is from only 4 days of training!

Baby Memes Are Always a Treat

First World Problems That Are Just Too Funny

A Few New Years Resolutions

It’s the end of the year and New Years resolutions are all the rage. Here are some of the funnier and more awesome resolutions we’ve been able to track down.

I Got 99 Problems But a Cat Ain’t One